Daniel C.

I want to start off by sincerely thanking you so much for all the hard work and dedication you guys put in to each and every one of your events. In 2014 I was involved in the Twin Oaks Deer Hunt where I harvested the biggest buck I have killed to date. You think that would be the highlight of the hunt, but it was just a great piece of it. The hunt gave me and two of my combat brothers a chance to spend time together; the last time was 2009 while in Afghanistan. This hunt gave us three something more than we could have ever asked for, a chance to unwind bull and just be Marines again.

On top of all this, I also made new friends for life and got to enjoy the outdoors again. Twin Oaks went way above and beyond for this hunt from the food to the guides; it was truly an amazing experience that no amount of money could touch. Thank you once again for making a great life memory beyond the battle field with my brothers. I will be counting down the days till we all meet again.