Lance H.

One way to describe the combat warrior hunt is, absolutely AMAZING! Hands down the most fun I’ve ever had on a single hunt in my life. I participated in the deer hunt this year, in December which was awesome, we never wanted or needed for everything, and they really put us on the deer, after my deer was harvested they had it processed for me for free, and to top that off Mr. Bill personally drove the meat all the way to Jacksonville, NC and dropped it off to us combat warriors, a two and a half hour drive. These ladies and gentlemen are 100% top notch folks who really support our warriors. If there were more people like this the world would be a lot better place. The second hunt I went on was the duck hunt this year, and was incredible. Everyone got ducks, even banded ducks which are few and far between. I saw ducks I’ve never even seen before and I’ve been hunting ducks for 15 years. The camaraderie was so enjoyable, and there was so much gear issued to the warriors to keep after the hunt, waders, shells, duck calls, you name it, it was supplied. Not to mention we ate like kings. This is a great thing that’s going on here and I hope and pray it continues. There’s no way I could remember everyone’s name, but I really, really want to thank everyone that made this possible, thank you for all the land we hunted on and the facilities used. And thanks for making people’s dreams come true.