Mike S.

I was fortunate enough to participate in the annual Hyde Co. Great Ditch Road Duck Hunt for two years. I took away experiences, memories and friendships that I forged on these hunts that I will always value. The organizers and sponsors that come out to honor the Combat Warriors are truly great Americans who unselfishly give their time and effort to put on a great hunt. U.S. Service members are incredibly fortunate that there are organizations like Combat Warriors that exist to honor and show gratitude for the sacrifices they made.

The event consisted of four awesome duck hunts with first class guides in an area of North Carolina located right next to a wildlife refuge where we had the opportunity to bag our limit of ducks each day we went out. The accommodations and food were all provided by Bill Warren and the members of the Great Ditch Road Hunt Club, as well as other great patriots who contributed their time and efforts.

Participating in any of the hunting or fishing adventures hosted by Combat Warriors is an opportunity no one should pass up.