Orlando S.

Let me start by saying I am a diehard hunter. The things that matter to me in life are my family, friends, the Corps, and hunting/outdoors. Every year I get all excited for the opening days of the seasons and the possibility that I may get the opportunity to shoot, arrow, gig, or stab some type of game. This, however, is not the case when attending these events. I get even more excited for these events, not because I know there will be plenty of game on the awesome properties that are made available for us to hunt, and not even because I know that chow, lodging and everything else is going to be taken care of for us. The reason I get so excited is because I know that for a short period of time while attending an event I will be surrounded by the most amazing Americans in the world. I don’t care if I take an animal or not, just being with the people that care enough about our military to take the time out of their lives and organize such wonderful events means more to me than words will ever explain. Having the opportunity to be there when one of my fellow brothers takes their first animal is a feeling that many know is unexplainable.

The time that I have spent with this organization is held dear to my heart and will not be soon forgotten. There are many reasons I choose to serve my country, but there is no question that above all else it is for the individuals such as the people involved in this organization. I extend a special thanks to you guys and everyone that has played a part. I really hope you guys continue because you are doing great things!