This was my first year participating in Combat Warrior events. I am stationed in Virginia and was fortunate enough that my younger brother, stationed at Fort Bragg, talked to you guys and was able to invite me on one of the fishing trips out of Oregon Inlet. I have since gone on another fishing trip and a duck hunt with Combat Warriors. The biggest take away from Combat Warriors for me is the opportunity I have been given to spend time with my brother on these trips. Between deployments, training, and our own families, it is hard for us to get together, even though we are only four hours from each other. Combat Warriors has given us the ability to see each other and spend quality time together. Being given that opportunity is priceless and irreplaceable. The other big take away is being able to get outdoors and in nature and to be surrounded by people who get it. Only guys who get it will know what I am talking about. Being around that caliber of men and to feel that kind of camaraderie is something that I will strive to pay back to Combat Warriors by getting the word out about this great program.

I can’t thank Combat Warriors enough and the guys for their great support.

Mike S.

I am a senior Non-Commissioned Officer in the US Army. I was wounded in Iraq in 2005 due to a gunshot wound through my left arm and chest. I have recovered from the majority of my wounds; however, I have been left with a paralyzed left hand among a few other issues. This is the third year that I have been fortunate enough to go on a Combat Warriors hunt. I did not hunt when I was growing up and being involved with Combat Warriors has not only helped develop my passion for hunting and conservation, but also help provide me with the tools to pass this on to my son. The last two years, I took many things away from the hunt I was on. I have built friendships and shared common experience with other combated wounded veterans.

With as much as I took away from my previous experiences with Combat warriors, this year’s experience has been even more fulfilling for me. This year I was able to bring other combat wounded veterans from my unit to experience a Combat Warriors event. In bringing a fellow soldier to experience a Combat Warriors hunt for the first time, I truly gained an appreciation for the Combat Warriors model for helping our nations combat veterans. At each hunt there are junior service members and more senior soldiers, recently injured warriors who are still actively recovering, as well as warriors who are several years removed from their wounds and have experienced the recovery process, Soldiers & Marines who are still learning to deal with the dark times that accompany their experiences, as well as those that have faced down their own demons and can share their journey in order to mentor others.

I have seen firsthand the healing effects on Soldiers and Marines that Combat Warriors provides with these incredible hunts. It is very humbling to see the communities come together in support of Combat Warriors in honoring our nations veterans.

Thank you, Combat Warriors!

Orlando S.

Let me start by saying I am a diehard hunter. The things that matter to me in life are my family, friends, the Corps, and hunting/outdoors. Every year I get all excited for the opening days of the seasons and the possibility that I may get the opportunity to shoot, arrow, gig, or stab some type of game. This, however, is not the case when attending these events. I get even more excited for these events, not because I know there will be plenty of game on the awesome properties that are made available for us to hunt, and not even because I know that chow, lodging and everything else is going to be taken care of for us. The reason I get so excited is because I know that for a short period of time while attending an event I will be surrounded by the most amazing Americans in the world. I don’t care if I take an animal or not, just being with the people that care enough about our military to take the time out of their lives and organize such wonderful events means more to me than words will ever explain. Having the opportunity to be there when one of my fellow brothers takes their first animal is a feeling that many know is unexplainable.

The time that I have spent with this organization is held dear to my heart and will not be soon forgotten. There are many reasons I choose to serve my country, but there is no question that above all else it is for the individuals such as the people involved in this organization. I extend a special thanks to you guys and everyone that has played a part. I really hope you guys continue because you are doing great things!

Joseph D.

First let me thank you, Combat Warriors, the sponsors, and everyone that offered up their time, guns, money, homes and property for this great hunting experience. I was fortunate enough to participate in two great deer hunts: one in Mebane, NC and the other in Louisburg, NC. Both locations offered great support to veterans in a time when many soldiers don’t have time or property to hunt on. I don’t know how many veterans I have talked to that have told me that they used to hunt but don’t anymore because of deployments, PCS moves, and no one will let them use their property for hunting. You and the sponsors have set up a great program that gives new and old hunters a great opportunity to share hunting stories, overseas experiences and the thrill of the hunt. Your staff supplied everything to the hunters that participated in this program for a no worries weekend where soldiers could concentrate on the hunt and not what they forgot. I look forward to have the privilege of hunting with the Combat Warriors program in the future and will highly recommend the hunts to my Soldiers.

I have a busy schedule but would like to support the Combat Warriors program in the future and give back to the program. So if you are shorthanded or just need help, send me a email or give me a call and I will do my best to support.

Scott P.

After years of deployments and large groups of time away from my kids and family, events like yours enable me to spend time with my family and fellow soldiers and do something we all enjoy. It is particularly rewarding to have my kids spend time with the men I have spent most of my time with and get a better appreciation of what I do and the heroes I work with!

Thanks for what you do! If you ever are looking for volunteers for any of your events please let me know.

Ricky S.

I participated in Gene Pleasants’ deer hunt and although the weather was horrible and not many deer were harvested, I truly had a great time. Gene’s hospitality was incredible and all the volunteers made the event memorable. I am retired and having the opportunity to spend time with other veterans is invaluable. Thanks for the opportunity.

Matt L.

I attended the Memorial Day offshore fishing trip. For me, it was THE BEST fishing experience that I’ve ever had without exaggeration. It was a huge step for me to get back out on the water and also be in a social environment around other people that I don’t know at all. That opportunity was, in a way, life-changing and is still a memory that I think about to this day because it was so successful on many levels. I personally benefited immensely, both physically and emotionally, and I appreciate the generosity more than you will ever know. I hope to participate in more events as it builds me up more than any group meeting or “forced” get together ever would. I’m very fortunate to have that experience and I feel very blessed to know Combat Warriors.


My wife, Lesley, and I attended the pheasant hunt last October. Not only was it a fun hunting event and a great bonding experience for my wife and myself, but it was nice to get outdoors and away from the daily grind, and to be able to socialize with a group of great folks, especially after serving the last five years either overseas or in the D.C. metro area. Everything on the hunt was first class.

Thank you for what y’all do, I know it isn’t easy work. It’s really exceptional that there are men and women who have dedicated themselves to providing service members with opportunities to enjoy our American hunting and fishing traditions. I sincerely appreciate your efforts on our behalf and look forward to seeing y’all again soon.

Shane B.

Never got injured during Combat Operations as a GB with 5th Special Forces Group BUT I STILL RECEIVED SO MUCH just being around my wounded brethren! The resolve, motivation, intestinal fortitude and ability to stay in the fight after traumatic injuries filled my heart with humble-pride for our WARRIORS and this GREAT NATION! They truly represent the BEST our nation has to offer!

Lee T.

Combat Warrior hunts are an outstanding opportunity for my son, Thomas, son-in-law (USMC 2nd LT), Jordan, and myself, to spend quality time together. My son, Thomas, is currently in college plans to serve in the Army as an Intelligence Officer or Enlisted (15W program) when he graduates from college in 2017. My father before me served in Korea and his father before him served in WWII. My dad is 83 now and he used to ride a quad-40 in Korea until they learned that he could lay brick… From that moment, he was pulled from the quad-40, and he and a handful of men traveled around Korea in the snow and icy conditions to build mess halls for the troops back in 1951 timeframe… My dad loves to hunt, loves to fish, and my love for this country all started with what he instilled in me back in the 1960’s. So naturally, we Troutmans gravitate towards the military way of life, and I personally have learned a great deal serving my country over the years, and I’ve met some great folks while serving my country and I’m very impressed with the quality of young men that continue to pick up the torch and run with it.

The Combat Warriors hunts not only provide an outstanding venue for my boys and I to spend quality time together and to become more proficient with the handling and firing of our weapons, it also provides a venue for all of us to meet and interact with other military members and their dependents, Combat Warriors sponsors, and various facility managers (Dewitt’s and Allen Brothers, are two great examples), and to help to strengthen our nation’s resolve in the process. The Combat Warriors sponsored events helps to strengthen our nation’s resolve. The more opportunity that my dependents have to share experiences with like-minded service individuals and their dependents, past and present, yields a greater perspective on life. Perspectives in life are molded by people that we meet, as we walk through life, and the Combat Warrior hunts provide a great venue to interact and to learn.

Thanks for allowing us to take part in the Combat Warrior hunts and we hope to make every event that you allow us to attend. God bless you!