Justin B.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Combat Warriors Inc. for the camaraderie, hospitality, and appreciation this organization has displayed to U.S. Service Members of the North Carolina area. From my first hunt, the members of this non-profit organization have humbled me beyond belief. My sons and I were welcomed by the group on two hunts that changed our lives. The generous people who support each event are the most down-to-earth, patriotic individuals. They are completely selfless and all they want in return is for each Service Member to have an enjoyable experience.

Through Combat Warriors, I was able to witness my twin sons harvest their first deer and ducks this year, a father’s dream. Participating in these events I also witnessed firsthand the healing power of Combat Warriors Inc. Each event is very unique and offers the perfect opportunity to meet fellow Service Members, share stories of being wounded, the recovery process, and establish a fellowship. Combat Warriors Inc. is an organization that successfully washes out the post-combat residue in you and gives you a venue to meet individuals just like yourself.

My sincere appreciation for all the assistance and camaraderie you have given me in 2014 and look forward to assisting and participating in future events.