Ross W.

This was my first year being introduced to Combat Warriors. A friend who I kept in touch with from Afghanistan, and that was also at Ft. Bragg, invited me to go on a deep sea fishing trip this summer. I had never been on one before, and I don’t think the experience will ever be topped. Everything the members of Combat Warriors put on for us was top of the line, including a warm greeting and a great seafood meal the night before the trip. Before we stepped off the next morning they were even able to accommodate bringing my brother, Navy SEAL out of VA Beach, on board last minute. We spent the whole day fishing and caught more Tuna and Mahi Mahi than I knew what to do with.

Getting to go deep sea fishing for the first time while sharing deployment stories with my friends and brother was an incredible experience. There really was a great sense of camaraderie throughout the trip. I met a lot of great guys and had such a good experience the first time that I brought my roommates back later in the summer for a second trip, where we fished for marlin. For me, I hadn’t had the opportunity to talk about a lot of down range experiences with my brother up to this point, so getting to do so on the trip was something I will never forget and will always be thankful for.

Both trips were incredible opportunities and experiences and we all look forward to the next round, or any event, that Combat Warriors puts on.