The mission of Combat Warriors Inc. is to honor and support, emotionally and financially, the commitment and courage of our combat veterans.

We meet this challenge by providing our veterans with quality outdoor experiences they will never forget, and by reaching out to our veterans to build relationships that we will never fail to treasure.

We understand that these soldiers live at the point of the sword, with a toll measured by both body and soul. We embrace the reality that no civilian can fully understand the trials and difficulties faced by our soldiers. But we know of the healing power of a sunrise over Pamlico Sound, and a turkey’s wild hymn to the springtime woods. And we commit to our veterans our time and talents and passions, to share in silence or wild, heartfelt, healing laughter.

Combat Warriors Inc. is made up of 100% volunteers who organize and promote dozens of events annually where we gather groups of active duty soldiers for hunting and fishing trips at locales offered by our sponsors.

  • We seek relationships, not recognition. Friendships, not platitudes.
  • When a man is willing to leave his family and home to protect the family and home of another, how dare we not repay that debt?
  • We seek to offer places and spaces for healing and laughter and awe and reflection.
  • Out there, we are all better men when we walk shoulder to shoulder.